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I know you’ve heard the expression to put your oxygen mask on first prior to assisting your children. As mothers, our brains are not programmed that way. It takes a conscious effort to think of ourselves first. On the other hand, to be the best mother we can be, we must be emotionally, physically, and most of all mentally healthy.

The question was posed to our followers, “What would you change about your body after becoming a mother?” A remarkable amount of you expressed some aspect of self consciousness with your body. Ask yourself, how much does this weigh on you mentally? Is it subconsciously holding you back? Affecting your self worth?

Great news! We have teamed up with the award-winning Evolve Med Spa in Denville to bring to light some of the aesthetic issues mothers face and how they can help. Here are the top responses we received.

Stretch Marks/C-Section Scars: We know they are badges of honor because those 9 months were not easy. If you are self-conscious and they are stopping you from attending water parks and beaches, then Evolve can help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks or scars with Morpheus8. This radiofrequency, microneedling treatment helps to remodel the skin, reduce the appearance of scars and discoloration, and (added bonus) also helps tighten the skin.

Skin Discoloration: Another common concern many expressed after pregnancy was experiencing skin discoloration and other beauty marks. IPL is a laser-based treatment that treats dark spots, sun damage, red spots, rosacea and other skin discoloration issues that are common after pregnancy. Microneedling and Morpheus8 can also help with discoloration and texture issues and tighten the skin. Chemical peels can also treat hyperpigmentation and exfoliate the skin.

Mama belly: All body types are different and some may have difficulty toning up their belly with just diet and exercise. Luckily, Evolve Spa has The Emsculpt NEO! The only FDA approved non-invasive body contouring solution that both reduces areas of targeted fat AND increases muscle. Added bonus- since it uses radiofrequency, it also tightens the skin.


Aging/Facial Wrinkles: Another expression you will commonly hear as a mother is “The days are long, but the years are short.” One beautiful thing about motherhood is you will experience a lot more smile lines but with that being said comes a lot of worry lines too and over time several of you expressed how much you have aged. Botox is the number one most popular med spa treatment in the nation, and with good reason- it helps to soften the fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyebrows and the Crow’s feet, leaving your skin smooth and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Botox works by softening the muscles that create the wrinkles, and can also be used to treat teeth-clenching and grinding, provide a gentle eyebrow lift, give the appearance of fuller lips, and even reduce underarm sweat. For busy moms on the run, Botox is a quick, 15 minute appointment and results last 3-4 months. While Botox cannot be done on moms who are pregnant or nursing, it is safe for all skin types and results can be seen in as little as 2-5 days.

Mothers sacrifice a lot, but to be fully present we must put our oxygen mask on first. At Evolve Med Spa there is no judgment. Their professionally trained staff will assist you and guide you in the right treatment to help. Just think if your Mom brain had one less thing to be worrying about.

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For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, schedule online at or call/text us at (973) 382-7441.

Evolve Med Spa is located at 33 Broadway, Denville.

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