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Photo Credit: Anna Novak from Tin Sparrow Studio


How many children do you have and what are their age(s)?

I have 2 children: Demi Beatrice (3.5yo) and Levi Rhys (1yo)


How long have you lived in Denville? What made you decide to live here?

My husband, daughter, pup and I (levi wasn’t born yet) moved to Denville April of 2017 from downtown Jersey City. My husband works in Boonton so we were looking at a bunch of towns surrounding the area for about a year. We found our little lake house and we fell in love. Denville, luckily, was a very sweet town, lots of young families, and a lively downtown. Our house is walkable to town, and our lake community at Lake Arrowhead is extremely warm and inviting.

Photo Credit: Anna Novak from Tin Sparrow Studio

What’s your favorite family activity in Denville?

We love to spend the days at our beach and we often walk to town to grab ice-cream at Denville Dairy, or have brunch at Carvers.


Where’s your favorite place to eat and/or shop in Denville?

Favorite restaurants: Pasta Shop, Carvers, Cafe Metro, and Sergios. I love Little Wish for all little girl items— without question if my daughters friends having a bday party, their gift will be from there. For myself, I love Namu— – it’s surprisingly inexpensive, hip and in style. I went from living in NYC to Jersey City to Denville so it makes me feel a bit better about leaving my cities knowing I have a hip little shop to keep up with what’s cool.


What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I don’t think there is anything that anyone would be surprised to know—- I am a very open person, willing to share it all. I guess something you wouldn’t know until coming to my house is that I am very into designing, decorating, and collecting unique things. I collect skulls and antlers, taxidermy bugs and butterflies, and vintage cameras.


Jamie in one of her painted jackets!

Anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you through parenthood?

I cant just pick one: 1) I lost my mother when I was 27— she was and is my constant inspiration for being the best care- giver, the most kind, most loving, and most patient mother. 2) My incredible husband: my ultimate partner in life, who backs up my mothering and decision making, and who always seems to be on the same page in our parenting. He was my rock in labor and in my c-sections, in my recovery, my early breastfeeding days, and the reason I am able to stay at home, see clients, and create. 3) My mama friends: I could not have survived without my mamas who I found in the first weeks after having my first child, Demi. We laughed, cried, swore, played, kept each other busy and sane, fed each other, loved each other, consoled each other, and were and are always there for each other. They are my lifers. 4) My dad who has been my kids one and only babysitter, who moved close by so he could be with me and my babies, who has allowed me to see clients during the week and to go to the gym or to yoga. He allows me to get my zen on and have my moments of peace to myself so I that when I return back to my children, I am a better and more patient mother.


Are you involved in a business venture, a local organization, a creative endeavor, or in the corporate world? Please share!

I like to consider myself a woman of many trades— maybe I can even call myself an entrepreneur at this point. First and foremost, I am a mostly a stay-at-home mama to my two kiddos. Next, I went to college to study Art and immediately upon graduation started an accelerated program to become a Registered Nurse (RN). I worked as a nurse in the hospital world in women’s health (Postpartum and L&D) for 8 years and I became an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) in 2012.

I started my own lactation consulting business in 2015, now called Jamie Owens Lactation LLC ( I currently see mamas and babies and their families in Denville and all surrounding towns privately in their homes to help support them in their breastfeeding journeys. I teach Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes at Momique in Morris Plains. Next, I like to call myself a hobbyist photographer: I sometimes get paid for my work but mostly I shoot because I love doing it. Lastly, my side hustle, I’ve started painting again which feels unbelievable. I am currently painting leather jackets and jean jackets, mostly for brides on their wedding day, but have painted anything and everything. Right now, I am fulfilling all of my passions at the same.


How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?

Since moving to Denville, I have met many moms through the Denville Moms club, made friends through the Denville Library, and enjoyed days and weekends at our beautiful beach with other families. Since feeling comfortable and adjusted here, I have started to build up my breastfeeding mama clientele and have felt totally inspired creativity when looking out at our beautiful lake and have found my way back into my art. I love how close this town is to everything I need, how easy it is for my family to get here from NYC, how I have access to moms all around, and how there is ALWAYS something family related going on in town or surrounding. I am so happy we found this town and made our family complete here.

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