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10 Habits To Keep Your Kids Healthy This Winter

  1. Clean all the toys. After a long day at work it’s really the last thing I want to do, but I try to clean my sons toys as least a few times a week. It helps get rid of germs that may be on there. I would advise not using a harsh chemical such as lysol.
  2. Nose Frieda (for babies). When your baby can’t blow their nose, you need to suck out their boogers. It seems super gross but there is a barrier between your mouth and the boogers you suck out. It really helps them, and helps them get over the sickness quicker.
  3. Wash hands frequently. Use warm water and try to stick to an anti bacterial soap that isn’t too harsh for your skin. I liked the Honest Co. Hand Soap, but there are so many on the market that you can try!
  4. Get a humidifier. This really helps in the winter months, not only with your skin but also with your sinuses. Use it at night, it can even be on the lowest setting, but the higher the setting the more humid it becomes.
  5. Probiotics. To help boost the immune system, give your little one a probiotic. Check with your doctor first of course, but I really like the Garden for Life brand.
  6. Boogie Wipes. So helpful when you just need to clean your little ones face! Whether you just use it to clean boogers off their face, or even food. Can never have enough wipes!
  7. Chest Rub. This helps your little ones at night, whether it just makes them breathe better and even gives a little bit of comfort with the pleasant smell!
  8. Saline Spray/Mist. We found this brand works the best. Although it is hard for my son to let me spray this in his nose, it really helps the cold get better sooner !
  9. Stick to an early bedtime. My husband and I go to bed super early, which means my son goes to bed early as well. Having an early bed time really helps you restore after a long day, and also helps with immunity.
  10. Drink warm tea with honey. This is great to have because it helps with your immune system. Try to add some lemon in it as well!


I’ve recently stocked up on products and created some new routines in the hopes that we get sick less often over the remainder of cold and flu season. I’ll let you know how it goes!

In the meantime, please leave a comment if you have any other habits you swear by!

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