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Have one of these storage units in your playroom? If so, don’t blame yourself if your playroom is always a mess. It’s this storage unit’s fault. It’s poor design actually contributes to the problem. And it costs a lot too!

Here’s why it doesn’t work:

1. Whatever toys go in never come out – instead it becomes a bottomless pit.

2. Once there are more then a few toys in it, everything else is blocked and your child immediately forgets about the toys in there. So they ask for more the next time you’re at the store.

3. There’s no room for picture labels – which are key so the kids can be in charge of clean up.

4. The angle of the openings is small and they don’t hold enough to earn the floor space it takes up. When I go to a home to organize the toys, if one of these units (or more – some people stack them up, making it so the kids can’t reach anything) I immediately repurpose them for the only thing they are useful for – stuffed animals. Since the openings are small and most stuffed animals are large, they can’t get lost.


Here’s storage units that do work:

Here’s why:

1. Each cubby holds one type of toy – so no bottomless pit.

2. The labels make it easy for your kids to see what’s where.

3. And they labels turn clean up time into a game that gives your kids immediate gratification – and there’s no better motivator then that!

4. Each bin holds lots of pieces, so it definitely earns the floor space it takes up. Plus, you can reuse these when the kids are older for anything! No money wasted. And they’re Kallax units from IKEA, so they won’t break the bank!

Organizing a playroom is simple, you just need the right storage units, the right labels and a system that puts the kids in charge. Every kid wants to be in charge of every part of their universe, and yet we let them be in charge of nothing. Then we’re surprised when they’re teens and can’t do anything. But setting up the playroom so they are in charge teaches them executive functioning skills so they can run their own lives when they get older. And isn’t that the goal? It all starts with Peppa Pig and LEGO in the playroom! Set it up right, and the kids happily take over – forever.

You can find out more about Toy Taming over at www.TheToyTamer.com. And feel free to reach out with any questions – an organized playroom is the perfect learning place for your kids.

Evelyn Cucchiara




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